Ravengrade approach

The Ravengrade’s creative team have developed a tool with a library of world-class looks that requires image science beyond the standard manipulations of the color grading software. By modeling complex processes with advanced color science, empirical data and hand-built transforms, the tool ensure clean, consistent and good-looking result. The diversity of the looks are one of Ravengrade’s strenghts are some of them are built on accurately emulated profiled film stocks and their characteristics. Others, are inspired by film aesthetics, and in many cases combine these characteristics with modern creative demands for higher dynamic range and greater color volume.


It’s not enough for a tool to produce generally good results; it’s equally important that it never causes problems. That’s why every component of Ravengrade is meticulously built and rigorously tested, ensuring no unintended artifacting, clipping, or exposure shifts. As long as the color space characteristics of your image align with the color space you select within the tool, you’ll never see any breakage. We know this because every look in the library was tested against every valid possible input color, rather than by simply “spot-checking” things with an assortment of images.

Flexible functionality

We believe a great tool should accommodate, not dictate the artist’s workflow. That’s why we support a wide range of cameras, color spaces, and imaging pipelines. The tool allow the ability to tailor each look to taste with the built-in mix tool, intensity and filmic saturation slider. For even more control, simply use your favorite tools within Resolve in a node immediately upstream, and make it part of your look stack.

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